Counselors at my school are useless. I went to go to ask that one old guy for advice, and he told me “I don’t know, go look up information on the internet. I can’t help you.” So I go look up information online, and every website obviously tells me I should talk to a counselor instead

And I swear to God, I always get that old guy, he’s all like, “oh, you should study astronomy, you’re like part Latino, it means you’re like Aztec, i mean hey they studied stars, you should too” and then he pulled out his iphone and showed me some galaxy app he has

wasting my fucking tiiime, he spends hours talking about bs like this

I feel kind of bad for deleting my old account. Mostly because I had it since 8th grade, and because I was following some of my friends on there.

But now I don’t have anyone following me, and I feel a little less stressed..